Everyone likes to receive flowers, and dried flower bouquets are becoming increasingly popular as a method of decorating a room or showing your appreciation. Here are some of the reasons why a bespoke dried flower bouquet could be ideal for you.

1. Long-lasting

Although there is no denying the effect of fresh flowers in brightening up a room, the sad fact is that they will only last for a week or two, and may begin wilting before then. Dried flowers do not have this problem - they can easily last for a year and even longer if they have been dyed and preserved. You will have the benefit of a splash of natural colour without having to worry about thinning them out or replacing them after a couple of days.

2. No maintenance

Dried flowers are also much easier to look after - in fact, they will probably need no maintenance whatsoever. Unlike fresh flowers that need regular watering, dried flowers don't need water or plant food. They're ideal for people who have a poor record of looking after plants and flowers or don't feel like they have time to bother with them. You will be able to leave the bouquet for weeks or months without any detriment to their natural beauty.

3. Out of season

A third advantage is that you are not constrained by having to choose flowers that are in season. This is particularly useful if you want a custom-made bespoke bouquet, as you will be able to choose from the full range of flowers available and select your favourites whatever the time of year. Christmas bouquets can easily contain blooms from the spring or summer, while your festive flowers can decorate your home all year round.

4. No pollen

It is also worth considering that dried flowers do not give off pollen and so will not affect people with hay fever or allergies in the same way as fresh flowers. Many people would love to have flowers in their home but know they will suffer from sneezing fits or asthma if they go near them. Dried flowers are the ideal solution for such people, and will not cause any health problems.

A bespoke dried flower bouquet will be long-lasting, convenient and non-allergenic, and will be the ideal gift either for a loved one or for yourself. Just talk to your florist to find out what options are available.